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About Doctor Paints

‘Doctor Paints’ has been giving quality paints and stains to property holders and experts for more than 50 years. Today, ‘Doctor Paints’s line-up of very much regarded private, business, and mechanical paint brands offers a wide scope of decisions to meet customers’ changing needs, inside creators, painting contractors workers, property administrators, designers, and planners around the world.

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Why Choose Us

‘Doctor Paints’ strives to have the highest customer satisfaction of any painting company in the greater area. We have four guiding principles that govern our actions and define our mindset. These core tenets are; customer service, detailed workmanship, quality materials, and responsibility. Below, you will find a more detailed description of how we put each of these principles into action.

Our Services

Paint Preparation

Doctor paints interior painting by preparing the walls for painting using glass paper. If the surface you will work on is uneven from an old coat of paint, it is advisable to rub the surface down with glass paper to roughen it up while removing any present nibs.

Professional Painting

Our color experts can guide you about different color schemes and what ambiance a specific color creates. You can select a warm and welcoming color scheme for your guest areas and be more vibrant.

Wood Flooring

Doctor paints provide a smooth finish to all interior and exterior wooden,
metallic surfaces. Wood flooring is any product manufactured from timber designed for use as flooring,
either structural or aesthetic.

Paint Removal

Remove as much sheen as possible from the surface, especially for
timber or glossy surfaces.
This ensures the adherence of the fresh coat of paint.